We Identitarians are committed to preserving the ethnocultural identity of Europe. Of course, we also have our opponents. It is the Establishment – consisting of Multiculturalists and Globalists.

I would like to emphasize that these are our opponents, not our enemies. It is a fine, but important difference: Against an enemy, the goal is the destruction of that enemy. Against an opponent, one struggles for victory and ideally convinces them to even join your side of the conflict.


Multiculturalism is a societal model that wants to make states a culturally neutral framework. On this neutral framework, people of different cultures, descent, origin, language and tradition are to settle, thus creating the largest possible ethnocultural diversity of society.

This idea has been determined by the immigration policy of the previous decades. The native peoples of the country had their right to a state which represents their ethnocultural identity withdrawn. Mass immigration and the demonization of one’s own roots were on the political agenda. This idea has failed spectacularly – the consequences of which we are now experiencing throughout Europe.

As a counter-model, we Identitarians present the concept of ‚Leitkultur‘ (‚Guiding‘ or ‚Leading‘ culture in English). It entails that the state must be tailored to the identity of domestic peoples, to protect them, and to demand it’s values are respected by foreigners. Since the obvious failure of multiculturalism, this has been publicly called for by the establishment – although, in actual fact, their policy of multiculturalism quietly continues.


Instead of the historically evolved identities of different nations, the multiculturalists place their bets on a new, artificial identity. This is supposed to arise from the coexistence of the rootless individuals and without any ethnic influence. It is the delusion of the globalist ‚World-culture‘, which has no place for mature nations with their specific and unique characteristics.

But nations are not only an obstacle on the way to world-culture but also to a global financial market and a world state. For years, a transnational economic and political structure has been spreading, pushing money, goods and people across the globe for the greatest possible profit. In favour of this are borders and national sovereignty to fall.

Here it shows: what the multiculturalists want nationally, finds it’s geopolitical equivalent within the globalists.

The Establishment

Multiculturalism and Globalism are only two sides of the same coin – the Establishment. They are the elites in politics and the media who have long since departed from the idea of democracy and no longer act as representatives, but as directors/handlers.

But the line doesn’t run between the traditional poles of Equality (left) and Freedom (right), but along the question of Identity. The people, who oppose the multicultural and globalist establishment, we call patriots. They do not want to, and neither will they abandon their roots.

At the head of this patriotic protest stands the Identitarian Movement, because we will face not only those who oppose us, but also our enemies.